Not Into You

And after all this time…I still hate you! 

I’m really over the all the butterflies. I hate you! (I really do)

And baby even on my best night, I really hate you! (Believe I do)

Yeah I remember what a dick you are.

I don’t wanna be with you again by far! 

Yeah after all this time, I still hate you!

"I want to feel it even if it hurts."

Listening to music while cooking has to be one of my favorite things.

"I live with the consequences of your senseless actions while you go on unfazed."


I hope one day I’ll write something that changes someone’s life.

"Pain takes my heart’s place. The love we made. We can’t erase it. Don’t wanna face it."

"It doesn’t matter how you planned it. It doesn’t matter how you envisioned it. Without even knowing it, sometimes life has a way of finding exactly what you need or exactly who you need."

One Tree Hill (via somethingbeyond)